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   About Us: Interlibrary Loan Policy

If the Cumberland Regional Library does not have a book that a patron requests, we will try to obtain it for the patron through the Interlibrary loan system.

The Cumberland Regional Library will only request interlibrary loans for National Film Board of Canada videos, or educational videos. We will not borrow feature film videos.

The Cumberland Regional Library does not borrow DVD's from other regional libraries.

Interlibrary loan service is only available to patrons from Cumberland County.

If the requested material is obtained from another library, the patron will be notified and have one week to pick up the material before it is returned to the lending library.

Patrons will be notified if we are unable to obtain the requested material.

No more than two interlibrary loan items will be sent for at a time for each patron.

Inter-ibrary loan materials may not be renewed unless permission has been granted by the library that owns the material. Renewals can only be done through the Interlibrary loan Coordinator.

Interlibrary loans are subject to the same overdue fines as materials owned by the Cumberland Regional Library.

Abuse of the Interlibrary loan system can lead to the loss of inter-library loan privileges.

Any cost from a lending institution will be passed on to the borrower.

If a patron loses an interlibrary loan item, they will be subject to the replacement fees set by the library that owns the item.

The Cumberland Regional Library will interlibrary loan most materials to other libraries. The following restrictions apply:

  • CRL will loan videos for educational purposes, we will not loan feature film videos.
  • CRL will not loan DVD's.
  • CRL will lend new items but priority is given to our regions requests.
  • CRL will interlibrary loan reference material for use in borrowing library only.
  • Inter-library loans may be renewed twice, providing there is not a request/hold placed on the item.